Help with rapidcart needed

A couple of years ago I finally managed to set up my online store using Rapidcart, but a couple of things still remain unsolved:
first: the confirmation email I get reports only the product ID and not the product name: is there a way to fix this?otherwise I constantly have to refer to a list to know what’s been ordered.

next: all customers complained of receiving some sort of blank/error page at the end of transaction so most of them used to place the same order more than once: this was enough for me to put the store offline.

I also tried to use the product stack but the product ID again seems not to be retrieved correctly. unless it’s not expected to work unless published.

I apologize for the probably dumb questions but… That’s the point where I am at =) thanks in advance for any reply

I setup RapidCartPro 4 on the 28th Dec and had a live website running the next day.

The names and product id (SKU) were all listed in the email sent to both the customer and myself as expected.

You mention it’s been a coupe of years but have you since then updated RapidCart, Stacks and RW and tested again in your website. Might be worth a go.

Thanks for your reply: You may be right, last version of site was using RC 3.xx then I upgraded to 4 but not republished the site as the store was removed. Any hint on why ghe product stack does not show the linked product properly? Does the site has to be published to preview correctly?

Yes, you will need to publish to a test web server or your website to see anything in the product or cart pages.

Thanks! :smile:

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