Help with RW 8 preview browser cache

I have a project that contains a main splash page with five locations (sub-domains) listed on it. The main page sets a cookie when a user chooses a location, and upon their next visit they are routed to their previous choice skipping the main page (can be seen here Recently while working within RW8 I clicked a link in preview mode…now my RW8 preview sees the cookie and routes to the sub-domain and will not preview the main splash page. Of course if I remove the PHP code that sets the cookie the preview functions normally. Is their a RW8 preview browser cache that I can clear so that I can once again preview the actual project file vs. the cookie routed sub-domain? Hope that makes sense?

You can use the WebKit developer tools to delete the cookies.

  1. Open the RapidWeaver Preferences and tick the box next to Enable Web Developer Tools
  2. Preview the page
  3. Right-Click or Ctrl-Click anywhere inside the preview and choose Inspect Element

This will open up the normal WebKit development tools. If it’s crammed into the RW window you may want to To delete a cookie:

  1. Click on the Storage tab.
  2. Click on Cookies item in the left-hand sidebar.
  3. Find the cookie related to your page in the main section in the middle.
  4. Click it and then hit your Delete key on the keyboard to delete.

Isaiah…thanks for the information on how to use webkit dev tools within RW…and the suggested fix. For whatever reason I had to remove the PHP first, delete the cookie (which was stored) save the RW project and then add the PHP back in. I mention that just in case anyone stumbles across this post with a similar issue. Anyway, thanks so much for the help and fix…much appreciated.


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