Preview conflict with old index

I have 2TB external drive with all my old web site developed files.
Using RW 8 and trying to preview on line a new RW project results in old site startup as opposed to new index ?
I’ve poked around assuming if I deleted every HTML index this behavior would stop.
How to eliminate incorrect index reference?
Best strategy for placement of RW files, projects … etc.?

I don’t quite follow how you’re previewing. Are you talking about the Preview feature built into RW? Are you saying that when you open a project and click the preview button you see a different version than the version you see in edit mode?

When I try to preview new RW project on web browser the html index of my current web site is selected as opposed to index for new site. So I view a copy of old web site as opposed to new RW project.
simply can’t preview on browser

to clarify … I developed a web site which is currently on line … copy(s) of which are within my local storage array … including backups. I’ve tried to eliminate any index related to this “old” site and preview continues to bring up old site as opposed to RW8 project.

Are we discussing the Preview mode within RW?


YES Rapid weaver “Preview Page in Safari” ⌘ “P” results in previewing old site

I can’t think of a reason for that. Those features use an URL that points back to the RW app itself. Have you tried a different browser or clearing the cache/history in Safari?

Problem dissolved

I’m guessing that I had been running RW8 for several days without actually rebooting RW8 .
This created update out of sync alerts that miffed me as well. After a restart of my MAC the mystery went away.

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