Help with the Sweep Theme

Hey everyone,

Got a bit stuck with the Sweep theme and could appreciate some help.

Been working on my website - - and it works well on an iphone. However, on desktop, certainly on the mac I’m using - it is pretty near impossible to scroll back up a ‘page’ after you have scrolled down. There is a swipe feature in Sweep (hence the name I guess) that enables the user the swipe back up to the previous page when you move up. This is fine when all the content sits on one page, but when it doesn’t it means you cannot navigate around.

It may be a case that I’ve put too much content into each page or section, but I’m hoping there is a workaround or fix.

Really appreciate any help.

Thank you


That sounds like one for the 1LD people. @1LittleDesigner


Hi @mrwarm,

Just had a look at this and for me the issue is more scrolling down the site…I am able to get back to the second section (The about section) but the home section is only possible to get to by using the link… Strange behaviour.


Using iPhone 11 Max Pro I could use the radio-like buttons on the floating top menu to move around the sections.

I could also use the arrows at the foot of each section to move down to the next.

In my honest opinion, however, the user experience is ghastly. I’d not spend long on a site like that if I just browsed into it. Your content deserves a better wrapper.

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Yes, I agree it’s very strange behaviour. Be interesting to see what 1LD have to say - have raised the issue with them too.

Thank you for your thoughts.


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