I just Bought from Yuzoolthemes and did not get an download email


I just bought the booking and checkout stack from Yuzoolthemes but did not get any download email checked the spam box … no result - also I have his details in my contact forms so the email he send normally get trough…

I read articles here that it has happend before and now ask how beside an email to the support desk that this can and will be resolved…

I also went to the customer login but also there is no way to download the stacks…
This is strange considering that other stack developers you can sign inn and the give you acces to all the stacks you downloaded with that email address…



Try @yuzool

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I tried but im with a client wednesday and she wants to see the result…

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Morning @SirDwar - it’s 07:19 here!

If you check the junk folder and it’s not there don’t worry, I’ll resend it right now via email and this forum private message :slight_smile:


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