Home page loses formatting when published - other pages fine

Using Big Sur. RW 8.7. I changed some text on my home page and when I published it was all in a long column with none of my formatting. The changes were there…just the formatting gone. It had displayed as it should when I tested it in RW and previewed page in Safari.
All the other pages on the site display as they should.
I have exported the entire site and manually loaded it via Cyberduck.
I have quit and restarted RW.
Any ideas?

Without a URL to the site it’s hard to say for sure.

If formatting is gone, then it sounds like the CSS files didn’t get published or published incorrectly. If you did a “Publish ALL Files”, and then used an FTP app to transmit the files then it should work.

Did you clear the browser’s cache(Safari ⌥Opt+⌘ Cmd+E)?

Thanks, Doug. I did clear the Safari cache. Then I restarted the whole computer, opened RW, published the single home page (with its sub pages) and, guess what? I is loading and displaying just as it should.
Thanks for the ideas. Not sure what fixed it but I will save your reply in my troubleshooting notes in case it should happen again. All is well now.

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