How add Cartloom code to my Foundry site

Dear RW community,

For my RW/Foundry/Stacks site - - I use Cartloom for the store page: Stinger - speedtrap protection for high-performance cars. However, the cart does not show when anything has been put into the cart. I asked Cartloom how to fix that and they gave me this code…

0 $0.00

…and told me to stick it in the

label field.

I have no clue where the “label field” is so I asked the Cartloomer where to find that. In reply, he told me this…

I will try and help you with this using my limited knowledge of Elixir’s product Foundry.

Go into your RW project in edit mode and find the Navigation Bar. Add a Nav Item next to the existing Nav Item labeled “DEFENSE”.

Paste this code into the Label setting for the Nav Item.

I searched for a long time, but still don’t know where to stick the code. I replied the following back to my Cartloom friend…

I appreciate your trying, but that did not help. I still do not know where to stick the code.

Here are my questions/issues:

  1. Yes, I use Foundry, but I do NOT use the Foundry Nav Bar stack. I use a third party stack called Clean Menu.

  2. To humor you, I added the Foundry Nav Bar stack to the store page, but I still do not see where/how to add the code.

  3. Normally one adds code to the HTML code tab of a page…

  4. You say "Add a Nav Item NEXT TO the existing Nav Item labeled “DEFENSE”. What do you mean by ‘next to’?

  5. Add a Nav Item next to the existing Nav Item labeled “DEFENSE”. Why next to “Defense”? This cart only needs to work on the STORE page. So why create a new Nav Item at all?

However, since the Cartloom helper is NOT a RW/Foundry expert, it may prove extremely helpful if one of you could give me a quick tip where to put this Cartloom cart code.



We can’t see the code you pasted into the post.

You need to mark any website code on your post or it doesn’t show up.

Where you type the post, select the code and use the </> (right above where you are typing).

I have Foundry and cleanMenu.

I don’t have cartloom, so I need to see the code.

Thanks Doug, sorry about that. Here goes.

<a href="#" class="cartloom-viewcart"><i class="fa fa-shopping-cart"></i> <span class="badge badge-cart cartloom-cart-count">0</span> <span class="cartloom-cart-amount">$0.00</span></a>

Take that code and copy it into an HTML stack.

On the Clean Menu stack drag and drop the HTML stack into the drop area:
On the clean menu stack I’d adjust the Column layout so the “Logo” (that’s the drop area) is on the right side. Shopping carts are traditionally on the upper right side.

And this is what it should look like:


Thank you Doug. You rule. I get the principle now and am playing around with the options.

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Do you think there is a way to keep the logo in the menu bar? It looks odd without it. The only way I was able to do it was by putting the cart right under the logo but that looks off as the cart does not center under the logo…

If I put the cart to the right of the logo the logo becomes incredibly tiny.

I’m not at my Mac right now, but did you try putting the logo and cart inside a 2 column stack and put the column stack inside the drop zone.

If you use the foundry columns stack and set it up so it’s always two columns even on mobile.


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