How can i change my FTP port from 21 to 443?

(tim parsons) #1

Hi all, i am having trouble uploading to my Web Space, in other words it RW DOESNT UPLOAD ??

My Internet and phone line provider tell me i dont have a problem at there end.

But he did suggest i tried a different Port number, change it from 21 to 443 i thought GREAT i will try that.

However i cannot see how i can change the PORT number in RW publishing settings ??? it simply isnt an option !!


(Lisa Sandler) #2

Have you talked to Greg @barchard at Chillidog? You mentioned one of your hosts was him.

Also, have you tried an FTP program such as Cyberduck? That will let you set up ftp settings, including choosing a port.

(tim parsons) #3

@LSPhoto Cheers Lisa, o yes i have asked Greg, just a minute ago.
I do have Yummy FTP but i am having the same problem with that, and i can change the Port number with that, which i just did, but it made no difference !!.
However Greg has me using SFTP which of course uses a different port number, so i await his reply.

Perhaps i should look for a new phone supplier !!!


(Lisa Sandler) #4

Try this… but you may have to wait to hear back from him: These are my Cyberduck settings for Chillidog.

(tim parsons) #5

Hi Lisa, yeah thatll be the same port number i use for SFTP for my Chillidog Web Space :slight_smile:

(Doug Bennett) #6

Under server after the server name add a colon : then the port number:

(tim parsons) #7

ah , ok Doug, thats good, i shall try that thanks

LATER :- nah that was worse


(tim parsons) #8

In the words of Victor Meldrew, star of “One foot in the Grave”


RW is NOW uploading my Web Site like a bloomin steam train, with exactly the same details as i have been trying all dammed day !

Wow, i wish i knew WHY ?


(Lisa Sandler) #9

Sometimes it’s as simple as an extra space hiding somewhere, or restarting RW. Glad to see it’s working now :slight_smile:

(tim parsons) #10

Thank you Lisa, yeah i am flying along now :slight_smile: