How do I create a remote directory?

I am working on RW5 (looking to upgrade soon) I haven’t worked on my site for a long time and just went in and deleted the store. (Just selected the page and hit delete.) When I went to publish the edited version I got this message,
Failed to create remote directory: “page1/page7/files/joanfv2011-copy.jpg”.

I have no clue what this means and how to correct it. Any help will be appreciated.

Thanks, jgm

Hi there,

If you have the ability to I would suggest to clear the ftp server and republish all files from your RapidWeaver project file :slight_smile:

This way you can ensure only the relevant files you need stay on the server.


Hi Joan,

I’d check your publishing settings with those from your web host, as somethings have changed (some hosts have said you have to use a more secure version of ftp) and you may need to use different settings.

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