How do I update an Old Rapidweaver site which has old plugins?

Hello friends, I need some help with an old website built in Rapidweaver 4. It has a bunch of outdated plugins like Styled Text+ and Columns and stuff like that (stuff we used to use before Stacks took over).

Anyhow, there is a TON of content stuck in these old pages and I can’t get to them because Rapidweaver 8 doesn’t have these plugins. How can I update, or at least get to the content in an old Rapidweaver 4 file if Rapidweaver 8 doesn’t have compatible plugins?


You probably won’t want to hear this: the quickest way to transfer content under the conditions you describe (many outdated add-ons on RW 4 to RW 8) will be to start again.

Painful though it is, in the long run you’re better off with a workflow along these lines:

  1. make sure you have more than one backup of your RW 4 site/sandwich/files
  2. decide how you want to architect your new site… which add-ons and themes
  3. plan your navigation and structure carefully
  4. make a comprehensive and accurate list/database/spreadsheet of the content of each page
  5. copy and paste all your content - one page/section at a time into a plain text editor such as BBEdit or TextWrangler from BareBones according to your list/data from step 4
  6. build your new site - with your content but according to the navigation planned in step 3
  7. paste your content in page by page.

It really isn’t possible - certainly not feasible and definitely not easy to try and convert. Good luck!


Mark, thanks so much for your response. Unfortunately, that is not the problem. In other words, I have no problem with copying and pasting page by page (even though we’re talking about a site with over 200 pages).

The problem is that the original site used the STYLED TEXT+ plugin, which is no longer available. So the content on those pages does not open in Rapidweaver. Instead, this error appears:

So there is nothing to copy. I can’t copy and paste anything because the original content is not there.

Why don’t you just copy it from the live site (assuming it is live somewhere). Or use a program like sitesucker to download the entire live site.


I’m sure what Mark mean is that you’ll have to do the content copying outside of RW, as you have said the old project file cannot be opened. So the only alternative is to manually go through the site and get all the info you need.

You could something like site sucker as suggested. I had to do the same before, admittedly not 200 pages!, for a site which had been created by another program.


Unfortunately, No. So the only way to get your pages’ content out is as each one is displayed - either on the site (using something like SiteSucker) of from your files as they (would?) still display in RW 4.

Are you saying that there is no content - even in RW 4? Or that you have perhaps already installed RW 8?


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Thank you so much to everyone for chiming in and trying to help me solve this problem. So in response, my problem is better explained this way:

  1. I no longer have Rapidweaver 4 installed, and I don’t even know if it works on High Sierra (which I am running). I have reached out to Realmacsoftware to get an old copy but I have not heard back from them.
  2. The website I need to update has over 250 pages created with the Styled Text+ and Columns plugins. These pages do not open in Rapidweaver 8 and no content is displayed.
  3. The website is no longer live on the internet—so the only place to get the original content is inside the Rapidweaver Sandwich (.rwsw) from Rapidweaver 4.

I have reached out to Gary Byrd of Kuler Solutions in regards to help with the Styled Text+ plugin but I haven’t heard back from him either.

You can get a copy of 4.4.2(last RW4 version) here:

Do you still have the RW4 Plugins? If not it probably won’t matter.

I don’t think anyone has had any contact from Gary in some time.

Thank you so much! This was actually all I needed. I was able to install the old version of Rapidweaver and everything was able to open up (turned out the old site was Rapidweaver 5). I still have my serial numbers and was able to activate. Everything works fine, I just am now waiting for an old copy of Tabloom and Columns and I’ll be all set.

Yes, some of you remember the days when everything we do in stacks was once done in separate plugins. Ha!

Thanks again! I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your help—you’ve saved me so much trouble.

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I think tabloom was @yabdab, you can try an order lookup here:

Don’t know if the email sent will still have a download URL?

Columns plugin, I don’t know.

Thanks for this. Unfortunately it didn’t work and I don’t have the download URLs in my receipt. I’ll just have to wait to hear back from Yabdab.

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