How do I upload to a hosted website

Hello. Apologies if this is a dumb question, but which information do I have to enter when clicking on Publishing Setup when wanting to publish my site to uk2 .

I have my old site hosted there, which I used to upload manually, but now want to replace this with my new site (and not upload manually). I have all my login credentials to hand, but “Hostname” is the sticking point - nothing I have tried so far works.

Many thanks

Hi @Jazzer,

Have you tried the obvious of

Actually as per their knowledge base it should just be your domain name.

Yep, tried that, doesn’t work, it says:

“We can’t automatically detect your server’s settings. Try entering them manually.”

That doesn’t work either, same result, also tried login into the chi panel

and that doesn’t work, either.

I was with UK2 for years. They ended up being a great pain, demanding large sums for email accounts, so I moved to A2, but that was traumatic because UK2’s CHI control panel, unlike the almost universal cpanel, didn’t allow simple transfer of mail accounts. In fact, their control panel is markedly inferior in most respects.

Yes that chi panel is a pain. I tried with filezilla as well, following a help article from uk2, but I still could not connect. “Error: Critical error: Could not connect to server”

That would be a good reason to contact their customer support.

Most hosting companies normally provide clear instructions on the settings to use for common FTP apps, like FileZilla.

If FileZilla fails to work, then RapidWeaver and all the others are going to be much the same.

Ask them to provide you some clear details about what to enter in each box of the FileZilla settings.

Tyoically what you would enter in FileZilla would be the same as what you enter in RapidWeaver.

Yep - I was hoping someone here knew what to do, as contacting their support is not a lot of fun, but it will be my next step, unless someone here posts a solution.


OK, I’ve got the solution. My confusion was created because, and anyone using uk2 will be vaguely familiar with this, is that there is a chi login and then a cPanel. The cPanel apparently has a password, but you don’t actually need to enter it, only for chi, so I assuemd the ftp password is also the chi password, as this gives you acccess to the backed of your website.

But the cPanel password is your ftp password, and to (re)set it follow these instructions:

Step One: Navigate To The Shared Hosting Section of CHI
Log in at chi
Click on the “Shared Hosting” tab as seen in the icon below.

Click the domain for which you would like to reset the password .
Step Two: Use The Change cPanel/FTP/SSH password Tool in CHI
Click the “Change cPanel/FTP/SSH password” button as seen in the image below.

 2.     Enter your new password in the field provided and confirm by entering the password again.
 3      Click “Save” to implement your new password.

Thanks to everyone who tried to help.

Have a great day.

That sounds vaguely familiar (I left UK2 several years ago). They were quite a good company once and it’s a pity they went downhill.