How do you manage your client's logins & passwords?

Hi there,
I am frequently updating/changing websites for appr. 50 clients. All of them have their own hosting (different webhosting providers), I have login credentials, ftp login data, CMS login data and a bunch of other passwords and settings. Some clients even ask me for their email login data so I need to store those as well sometimes.
Up to now I used to simply write a note (text document) for each client. But I’m thinking wether there might be something more convenient.
How do you handle login data of a bunch of clients?

I use KeepassXC which is free for Mac and Windows. Stores everything locally (rather than on a vendor’s servers) and works really well.

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RapidWeaver has a notes section in it, so you could type it in that area as well. That way it is saved in the project file:


I store everything in Keychain Access, a free app included on every Mac:

It has a useful feature called ‘secure notes’, where you can jot-down sensitive details.

Regretfully I don’t use online services like 1Password or LastPass anymore for this type of thing. It feels safer to keep everything ‘in house’, even if it does bring the slight inconvenience of only ever being able to access these items from your own computer.