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I have been using KEEPASS-XC for managing my ever-increasing number of passwords but think it may be time to change to something a bit more useful.
I have read every “password” reference on this forum, and it seems that 1PASSWORD may be the most favoured manager by forum users.
Is this still the case?
Are there any password managers that have been compromised or had data breaches or otherwise failed in the past?
I suppose I am wanting to know if there are any password managers that have caused security issues and should be avoided?

I’ve been using 1Password for years with absolutely no issues. Friends have used most others and more than half have moved to 1Pass so far.


Thanks Brian, that’s what I was looking for.
Much appreciate your candid opinion and experience.

About 18 months ago I switched away from Keepass to Bitwarden on the advice of several members of the forum. It’s free and open source and works across multiple devices.

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1Password for me too. I used it when it was free but now I subscribe annually and it’s well worth the price.

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1 Password and never looked back.


Yeah Rob, Bitwarden is a delight after having used and paid for Lastpass, Dashlane, etc.

I’m hooked on 1Password. It also helps that I’ve been a friends with some of their developers for years. They’re just great people making a great product.

It’s great that it’s linked between all my Macs and my phone too – even though my Phone is an Android.

And we have it set up as a family with shared info between us (wife and two teen sons) – it helps us manage shared stuff like the Netflix password. But also lets us have our own personal stuff too – and a way to get access to that stuff if there’s an accident or (this year especially) an illness.

Basically it’s awesome. Can’t say enough positive about it, really.



Yes, 1p for sure.

Thankyou to all who responded.
Much appreciated.
I have considered all replies and made my decision.

I used 1 password in the past and moved to mSecure5 which runs on almost all platforms, perfect synchronisation

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