How to save password for CPANEL on iMac

I find myself in my Cpanel all the time.
The password is really long.

Is there a way to save this password on an iMac?

I use a password manager. But you can also save passwords to Safari or you browser of choice.

Until recently I used Data Guardian. The advantage of a password manager is that it protects your passwords from prying eyes, but of course, you have to remember the one password to open the manager! I now use BitWarden. It is free, secure and can be synced between all your devices. I use it on my Mac and my Android phone. On the phone, it will open with just the thumb print.

If you spotlight search for ‘keychain access’ then you can use this app to create a secure note and store your password. Keychain Access is an app that comes installed on all Macs. It sometimes gets overlooked, but is a great place to store passwords and other sensitive data. Keychain Access is encrypted with your login password.

If you need the ability to ‘sync’ the password over multiple devices (like your iMac, a smartphone and a tablet) and have your web browser enter it in the box for you automatically, then @peterdanckwerts suggestion of BitWarden is excellent.


And, @willwood, Keychain Manager also helps you find forgotten passwords which you’ve used to log-in in the past, although it can be a bit of a bore to find what you’re looking for.

Sorry if this sounds obtuse:

Doe BITWARDEN work like any other password?

Do all of my other passwords automatically become the BITWARDEN password?

How do the individual site passwords make the transition into BITWARDEN?
Does BITWARDEN automatically recognize I am being asked for a password then prompt me to bring it into the BITWARDEN ecosystem?

My bank requires a UserName, and Password. After those are authenticated I am prompted to enter an additional verification code that they text to me. The 2-step verification still occurs, correct?

And I can have it installed on my iPhone, iPads and iMac at two locations?

@cabinetmaker This video might help you.

You set a ‘master’ password and that creates a secure storage container to keep your existing logins and passwords within.

Although in the fullness of time, you may wish to use the ‘generator’ tool in Bitwarden to create more unique and cryptic passwords for each service you use.

With the browser extension installed (video above) you often get promoted by Bitwarden if you want to save the login details, when you go to login to a website. It seems to have a way of detecting if the page has a password field.

Bitwarden will not change or modify the login procedure that services like a bank use. You will still get asked for the same details as before.

I currently have it installed on my Mac, a Chromebook and an Android smartphone. It works really well across all three. It is the nicest password manager I have used and I am considering upgrading from the free tier.

That was a really informative video Will,
It explained BitWarden very well.

FWIW on the recommendation of a forum user I installed BitWarden and am slowly moving all my KeePassXC passwords across. I’m really pleased with it so far. It also a good opportunity to hand-prune all those old passwords for dead services or ones I never use any more. And delete the accounts on the relevant services too!

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