How is this site built in Foundation?

Does anyone (or the maker himself) can tell me how this site is setup in Foundation? Which specific stacks were used, topbar? And how does the vertical slideshow work? And the popup mail icon? And how do you get such small social media icons in the left upper corner? etc.

Not my site but I can help with the stacks:

The menu is a MagicGellan2 inside a ScrollUp.

The social icons are just FontAwesome codes entered into a paragraph stack with a custom font size to make them small.

Vertical slideshow - if you mean the navigation dots and scrolling, this is just done with MagicGellan2 and its included NavDots stack.

The mail popup is done with a purechat widget.

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Nice looking site and a good example of what RW can do (or at least Stacks and Foundation within RW).

Of particular note is that it’s adorned with Big White Duck stacks.
I need to take a closer look at using Tav’s coffee priced gems.

That site has a really good example of Andrew’s (BWD) MagicGellan stack which I think adds a great deal to the look and behaviour of the site. Looks like BWD Sections has been used throughout.