How stable is 7.1.5?

I have gotten the message to update when I open my projects, however, I’m seeing some issues here in the Forum. I have sites to update that I cant afford to have any down time on. What’s the general feeling on the stability of this newest update? Thanks!

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Hopefully no jinxes!!! Thank you, I appreciate getting your take on it.

RW 7.1.5 crashes for me regularly. But my issue seems different from everyone else’s. For me it crashes when I select a stack, but never on publish.
I’m getting used to it now and I save my for every couple of minutes.
Still, it crashed at least once an hour and I work with RW for about 7 hours a day.

“saving every couple of minutes”, like being back in the 70’s again… Got told about 6 months ago by RW support that RW 7.0 would fix my publishing problems, then wait for 7.1 as it will sort everything. Now onto 7.1.5 and nothing works…

Oh come on man, a little patience. I’m sure version 8.2.9 will fix everything :wink:

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Perhaps, but i have had no hep from anyone despite writing several emails to the support. This is not 1 specific stack. Not 1 project. Sometimes it is right after opening a project, sometimes it crashes after creating a new project and adding just 1 stack to it. Sometimes it crashes aft 2-3 hours of solid work. Now idea what could cause that, perhaps it’s now even RW 7.1.5, maybe it’s the Stacks plugin, who knows.

Just wondering, what version of the Stacks plugin do you have?

I think that the latest: 3.2.4

OK, just checking, I know some people who used 3.0.3b4 got stuck on that version as the update process in it did not work. We have had many support tickets where this was the issue and updating by manual downloading Stacks from Yourhead

is what fixed it. Just had to ask. If you are not sure, open RapidWeaver, then hold down command and push 7, this opens the addons manager. Click on plugins and then in the search box type Stacks. You should then see this:

Just passing info along, hopefully it will help someone…

yup, that’s what i’m using. Also all stacks, themes and other plugins seem up to date.