How to add image to blog page for Veerle theme

Hi. I’m using RW8 and my site ( doesn’t load like it used to. I started with RW5 and eventually had to upgrade to RW8 due to software demands. When that happened, the Veerle theme I was using changed and I haven’t been able to get it back since (I don’t have much time to work with it and my skills are poor). I’ve been fixing a few things as of late, but I can’t find out how to add an image to the blog page as a logo (maybe). I have a site logo that shows as a header on all pages, and for the blog page, I used to have an title that was an image that appeared in front of that header. I cannot find out how or where to do it. Any suggestions? Thank you.

I’m not sure what you are looking for?

Perhaps a screenshot of similar to what you want would be helpful.

Thanks for the reply.

Here’s a screenshot. Originally, overlaying the picture of the water and mountains, I had the title of my blog which was a graphic, not plain text.

I have the picture of the water and mountains for all my pages, which is what I want, but I’d like to alter that image for the blog page (ブログ(英語).

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