Side Bar Calendar

I am curious,

I am running a web site and they want to put a calendar in the side bar that continuously changes as the dates change. Can you do this with google calendar or is there a stack that can do this?

Do they want information along with the calendar, or do they just mean that they want to display the current date?

they want it something like I am doing now with my calendar. but they want it in the side bar.

There’s a new Event Calendar out that seems pretty well-received and might work:

I’m not positive that it can go in the sidebar but maybe @cric could say for sure.

Actually putting the calendar in the sidebar is not supported by the Event Calendar stack. Most sidebars are also too narrow to present all the info in a nice manner.


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Do you have anything in any of your themes that can do what I am wanting?

Do you need to pull-in calendar events from Google or another online database that is remotely edited outside of RapidWeaver? A stack would probably be required in those circumstances.

On the other hand, if you are okay with manually building and maintaining a list of events, then Bootstrap code snippets could be suitable. In particular, look at list groups or coloured panels, like the examples published here:
That’s all standard Bootstrap functionality available in my themes, via the free snippets.

Here are a couple more examples of Bootstrap calendars I’ve just knocked together that might help you:

You just need to take the HTML code and paste it into your sidebar. The theme already includes Twitter Bootstrap, so the styling would already be set for you.


I like that. Will your Tornado theme allow me to just type in the code?

I can’t see any reason why not. The code would work in the sidebar or ExtraContent container.

The only thing you might need to do is to change the border or text colours so they better-contrast the dark background. Or you could apply a light background to improve the clarity and make it standout more like a block / widget.

Hi @garyp you may have figured out a solution but in case not (or just for future reference for others) I noticed an update today for the event calendar stack that now allows it to be placed in a sidebar.

Yes, we made it. You can now place the calendar wherever you want (e.g. sidebar, extracontent, …). An updated version with this requested feature has been released today.

Not sure why you couldn’t just put it inside a teleporter stack and load that to the sidebar. Easy Peasy.