How to make this with 1LD Siphon stack

I try to make a simple customer survey, or so I thought.

Basically, I have four sets of questions.
Each question has five options: Excellent, good, average, not so good and bad.

I wish to answers:
Excellent and Good jump to question nro 2.
Average jump to extra question ‘why’ and then jump to question nro 2.
Not so good and bad jump to extra question ‘sorry & why’ and then jump to question nro 2.

And repeat this four times.

I can get either work first two or last three but not all of them.

Help please!

Project in dropbox

The project is not in dropbox…those are the resulting files.

Hi Martin! Thanks for the help! :slight_smile: Project files was just hiding there :wink:
I managed to solve the issue. At least it works now, though I do not know if there would be a better and more simple way to do it.

This is how I did it:


Slide Id: s2 followed with 5 questions
Slide: s2b1 for response to ‘Average rating’ followed with input field
Slide: s2b2 for response to ‘Not so good’ followed with input field
Slide: s2b3 for response to ‘Bad’ followed with input field

Slide 2 / Display order: Automatic (to jump to /Question 3 / Slide 3)
Specific value Answers on all questions, answer Type: Content (submits with a click.)

Slide s2b1 with Siphon If stack: Show This Content If:
Slide key: s2
Is equal to: (==)
This value: *what you chose

Slide s2b2: *repeat with specific values
Slide s2b3: *repeat with specific values

And repeat with other Questions with specific values

Slide s3 Display order: Automatic. Slides in canonical orders so that s2 and as well s2b2 jumps into s3.

How’s this?

Happy to help other weavers with Siphon if I can.

For the language challenged out there…here is a version I converted to American English…sorry for my poor translation.



Here’s working one on my sandbox, though linguistically challenged version.
Please, don’t submit it, it really goes into my mail. Unless it’s really funny! :smiley:

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