How to recoup card fees on ecommerce?

(Scott Frankel) #1

Hi, I am wondering if anybody knows of an ecommence payment method like Cartloom, Rapidcart etc that will add on the credit card fees charged.

I know that some people say to just include these fees into your costing but we run with a very tight margin. Most of our customers pay by direct bank deposits but some of our customers want the option to pay via card but this can add up to $30-$50 in our case, payments exceeding $2,000 so 2-3% card fees certainly add up.

I would like to have my cart setup so that it automatically adds 1.9% to the invoice if a customer selects the card payment option.

Any suggestions on how I can implement this please?

Many thanks…all thoughts welcome.

I have Rapidcart Pro, PaySnap, Cartloom, Payloom

Cheers Scott

(Roberto Tremonti) #3

RapidCart Pro supports payment fees.
Just set a fixed/percentage amount in the given payment method.

(Scott Frankel) #4

Hi Roberto,
Thank you, yes I have set commission as your advise and works just how I wanted. Thank you so much.

I don’t know if you can help on another question as well please.

I sell services as well and we quote on each job individually. Is there a way to have each client enter an amount rather than select a product at a set price. So for example I quote on a job and the price is $595 how can I get a client to pay a deposit amount of say $250 and then pay the balance later of $345

Each clients job varies, so another job may be $1,200 so I need each customer to be able to enter a dollar amount in the payment button.

Any advise or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.