How to recreate this flash animated menu element?

I have a client who has a menu element on his site that was created in Flash (while the rest of the site was created in html…stupid…). Unfortunately the flash files aren’t available anymore. Now a change needs to be made to the element and I suggested to move away from Flash in general if possible.
Can anybody give me some hints on how to recreate all or most of the animations in this swf:

I have been asked to come up with html code that can be imserted into the index page to replace the swf file.
In particular I’m scratching my head about how to make the links appear just when I hover over the image element.
Would be thankful for any suggestions how to do this!

This is NOT a rapidweaver project, I presume? This would seem like a good case for Sections Box which was just released by Big White Duck but if it isn’t RW then whipping up some html is above my pay grade…

Right, it’s not a RW project. But I think I could still export the page, grab the source code and integrate it into the old index.html. Else I could try to build it hardcoded. Haven’t done that in a few years time…might be interesting but hard (…which is why it’s called "hardcoding :joy:)