How to rotate text?

How would I rotate text like this?


I have no idea what you mean. What kind of “thing” is this? It looks like a JPG or PNG or PDF perhaps. It certainly does not look like plain text. Tell us more.

How would I create this?
Normally text type horizontally across the page ok. So how would I rotate it/ create it to appear as it does in the screenshot?

Do you have a website link that shows us something like this?

In short there are probably several ways to accomplish this look. One way is to create this as an image in something like Affinity Designer. Write the text, then rotate. Save as JPG or PNG. Bring into RW and work with it as you would any other image.

And the other options other than with a png/jpg ?
text rotate? which stack would do this

You can use text with CSS.
Two options

  1. CSS writing-mode, this changes the alignment of the text. This can be applied to individual elements on a page. More on writing-mode.
  2. CSS transform rotate This can rotate any element any degree you need. More here on transform: rotate.

Now what stacks might use these I couldn’t tell you off the top of my head.

Thanks @teefers, that’s a good start…

My Target stack and rotate content.

:ok_hand: thanx

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