How to turn retail site to info only from RW5.4.0


I have a couple of sites that I haven’t updated since RW5.4.0.

Due to my health, I’d like to change one site to an information only site.

My question: How can I take out purchase page, purchase buttons on other pages in the site?

More detail below:)

Used RW 5.4.0. It won’t run on Catalina.

Is there a way to do this on my host site (I wouldn’t know how to do this without instructions)


If I need to copy and paste into a RW8. What are the steps to do that?

This is a “heart” site for an educational card game I co-created. It can be purchased in many places online but my site actually gives information to parents and teachers who want a more in depth look into its benefits etc.

My heart for kids to have a love for learning makes it worth my time, but I can no longer do the retail.

I’m pretty ignorant and winged my way through my last changes in 2015 using your gracious help and RapidWeaver Classroom.

Any help appreciated.


That’s probably going to be your best bet.

Once you have RW8, then pick one. Of the newer themes. Your old site looks pretty straightforward, but being built with RW5 it’s not responsive and a bit dated. Several nice responsive themes come with RW8.

Once you have a new theme picked then start a new project and start creating pages and simple select and copy from the old site and paste into the new Pages.

If you change the page names or the URL name then you should keep track so you can redirect from the old to the new.

Also, it’s pretty standard practice to have all sites use an SSL certificate now, must hosting companies offer free ones. So check with them, if not you might as well change hosting company at the same time as rebuilding.

Thanks for your help, Doug. It’s much appreciated:)

Here I go! lol


Hi Doug,

I was able to upgrade directly from an old backup. Some plugins etc won’t work of course, but they are what I planned to take out… except the sitemap. Is this ok if I’m updating anyway. Or pasting better? I don’t mind going a longer route than make more of a mess:)

Also, is there better way than to just delete the purchase page, to avoid a 404 on it?

Thank you for your time!


I honestly haven’t upgraded from RW5, but if everything came over okay than I would probably start with that.

Once you think you have good content, I would recommend that you pick a newer responsive theme.

As for deleting the purchase page, you had said that “It can be purchased in many places online“, maybe you could replace the page with a page that gives the user links to where they could buy it.

Excellent idea! Thank you:)

Dumb question… how do I know if theme is responsive?

On the ones that come with Rapidweaver 8, in the theme drawer, if they are under the Rapidweaver 8 group or the Rapidweaver 7 group they should be responsive. The one’s in the classic group are non-responsive.

I’ve been dreading doing this. With your help, I’m able to move forward:)

Thank you!

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