<hr> simple rule line thickness ( weight )

Hello - I’m using basic styled text pages in RW 7
and have separated areas with a simple

horizontal rule.

I would like the weight or line thickness to be thicker ( more of a heavy line weight ) .
Is there a way to do this ? Customize the line weight so it’s more prominent ?

Thank You.

How are you currently doing rules? You can customize via html code (just google “html rule” and check the examples). If you are using Stacks there are stacks you can use, such as this one:

You can also use css:

Thanks for the reply -
I tried google - no luck so far .
I’m just using basic RW 7 and styled text -
Note using Stacks -
My rules are simply

That’s it !
but they’re too thin and light.

Try adding this into the CSS panel

hr {
	border-top: 1px solid #C6C6C5;

Change the pixel size and hex colour to your liking.


THANK YOU Rob - that worked . Paul.

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