(Ab) #1

Can anybody help us out here the Developer sells the app stack only with a bundel strange because he anounced it for 14,99.

Is there a similar stack like the one in the link that is useable en is same working and where the developer is easy going and has the correct information on huis site.


(scott williams) #2

I would just contact @yuzool Michael first and see if its available un-bundled.

(Michael Frankland) #3

I’m confused… haven’t we been emailing already?? And you’re looking for a customisation of this?

If not, my apologies and send me a message:

(Ab) #4

Hello Michael,

I have send you multiple e-mails but there is No respond from your side. Or did the e-mails not arrived.

But if you can help me yes please we still looking for help and advice.

Met vriendelijke groet.

Verstuurd vanaf mijn iPhone 6s.

(Ab) #5

Can you explane this Michael How can I fix this… I am doing something wrong here I think hope to hear from you.

Thank you.

Met vriendelijke groet.

Verstuurd vanaf mijn iPhone 6s.

(Ab) #6

Please contact me Michael.

Met vriendelijke groet.

Verstuurd vanaf mijn iPhone 6s.

(Michael Frankland) #7

Thanks - can you check your spam box ^ have received all emails from you I believe and replied to each one…

The forum isn’t the easiest place to do support…

Can you send me your RW project by email?
That screenshot is hard to see what is going on…

Did you follow the steps in the manual?

(Ab) #8

Hello Michael,

no messages in the spambox i have send you my project thank you… i still waiting for your answers.


(Michael Frankland) #9

Been replying you and have asked for your RW project - it’s hard to see from mobile phone images what is going on :rofl:

Can you please reply to that ticket - I’m getting them and replying to you - would save me having to check on here also. Keep to one channel!


EDIT: @Fix - But I didn’t get your project so please resend or DM with that here. I only got what appeared to be mobile phone photos!

(Ab) #10

Hi Michael we are still waiting for you answer…

We hope to hear from you.


(Michael Frankland) #11

Still waiting :pray: And please email is much easier than here :surfing_man:

(Ab) #12

i have send it agian the project just a few minutes a go…