Https website not fully secure

After getting my SSL certificate from GoDaddy and going through all the changes necessary for a secure website, when I log in using the Firefox browser I get the following message . . .


How to fix?


Open the page in Firefox > Edit menu > “Find on this page” > use http in the search box and you’ll see all the instances of insecure page links that need fixing.

Looks like you may not have changed your site address to https in RW publishing settings?

Tried that in both FireFox and Brave. Neither turned up any results.
Safari shows OK and Chrome shows OK.

Did that. No change . . .


If you look at the page source in Firefox you can see a lot of http addresses. Tools > Web Developer > Page Source

Did you Republish All Files after making the change?

That’ll take awhile. I’ll let you know. Usually when I republish I have to do it over and over before it finally republishes all the files.


This also helpful:

Yeah, you have to re-publish all files if you change the web address. That should sort out the insecure links from within RW, but you may have some others to fix.

Maybe contact RMS to help with you publishing problems.

All green checks . . .


If I typed your URL OK (from screenshots) I’m not getting any errors of firefox. Did you clear your browser cache?

Who is RMS?

RMS = Realmac Software

K. Thanks . . .
Do you ever have trouble republishing? I get about 45 out of 249 files uploaded and get a message that it couldn’t upload to my ftp server. If I have just a few files to upload, no problem. Dunno.


I’m still seeing a broken padlock on FF and these http links. Cleared the cache several times as well.

I see that, now. Right now I’m trying to republish a page at a time. Not much luck there, either.


I’ve been lucky and never had any publishing problems. But many have reported problems here on the Forum. As i recall, if publishing stops at some point it is often due to an add-on needing to be updated, an outdated add-on or sometimes even a corrupt image file or other resource.

If you search the Forum you will find some helpful posts on trouble shooting publishing problems.

Alright, thanks . . .

I don’t think publishing single pages will publish some of the stuff that exists in common folders, though not entirely sure. Many people who have publishing problems export their site to their desktop and use an ftp app to upload the files to their hosting account.