Reporting the SAME bug for the second time - SOLVED

In all versions of RW7, there is a bug when duplicating a stack, or elements of a stack.

Using the Foundation theme, I have a Tabs page with two color variations of a Christmas art print. I created the elements for the first tab, which consisted of a main page image, and then a modal with details for the print. I copied the stack for the second tab. I substituted a blue image for the pink one, on both the main page and the modal page. In Preview and online, the blue image “took” for the main page, but stubbornly refuses to change for the modal.

I have reported this problem before, and I am reporting it again. According to Joe Workman, it is definitely a bug. Hopefully, my persistence will result in someone, somewhere, addressing this problem.

This is the file:

Attached is the image of the WRONG pink print being displayed on the blue page modal.

Not sure who told you it was a bug, but it is not. You have the same Reveal ID for each button that launches the modals. You need to have different Reveal IDs.

Edit - You can see I have it working without an issue when I name the reveal box red and blue

You nailed it, Zeebe. Thank you.

But it was indeed Joe who deemed it a bug. I quote from a May 29th email from the Workman support site:

Joe Workman, May 29, 21:46:

Thanks. This is definitely a bug in RapidWeaver. I am sure that Realmac will get it fixed soon. They have been working really hard on making RW7 solid. Thanks for informing me of the issue.


The Big Chief

Anyway, thanks again for the clarification. I am saved millions of hours of work.