Hyper-Rapid Data presentation?

I am looking for a stack that can present multiple datasets in a very brief period of time, like 20 links in one second, clicking on one of those 20 links leads to 50 minks, and each of those 50 might each lead to 40 more links.

Kind of like mindmapping on steroids.

The effect would be to present maybe 1000 links in 5 seconds. 5000 more links 5 seconds later. The takeaway is to overwhelm a site visitor with (a) the complexity of data and (b) the massive amounts of data.

Hopefully this video will give you a demo of the idea of what I’m looking for. It’s a screenshot-movie made on my iPhone of an app called WikiWeb.

Thanks for any help.

The video is just 15 seconds.

If anyone has an idea or thought as to how this was constructed, that would be helpful.

Is this Node.js?

Thanks for any help.

it’s called a “force directed graph” you can google for that and get a bajillion different libraries in any language you like. this was the top hit for javascript / html5 that i found: https://github.com/vasturiano/force-graph

Could something like this be implemented in a stack?

If not a stack, within RapidWeaver itself?


Could it be made into a stack? Perhaps.

Will a developer likely make it into a stack? My guess would be no. It is far too niche a product for this particular market. The ROI is just not great enough IMHO.

Linking related entities like that is done using a Network Graph.

You can create something similar using Google Fusion tables (though they are shutting down this service soon as they are going a different way with data visualisation now). There are other tools out there that can do this too.

Thank you all for your help. It’s greatly appreciated. I’m just trying to figure out how all this works.

There’s an existing database that’s in multiple “Pride XML” files, and each of those is in roughly 50-100 MB-sized files. A comprehensive zip file of all the XMLs is roughly 6GB.

Could the XMLs be converted to some kind of “force-directed graph?”

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