I am Timmy Toad NOT a TURTLE!

Hiya i have now listened to Podcast 15 and thanks for the answer to my question(s) as regards the Doubling Up on the Page Inspector button on Stacks pages :relieved:

My other question was also kindly answered, regarding the relationship and location of BEN and DAN the star players in the Podcasts, where you confused, Timmy Toad for a TURTLE :hushed:

Maybe you might like to know, WHY “Timmy Toad” ?? if so, please GoTo
Timmy Toads Hideout

If i may comment further, why is it ?, that Joe Wokmans interview is FREE, whereas i have to PAY for Greg Barchards interview, Greg is my Hero and Web Host

Meanwhile, keep up the very good work.

PS, the Bold highlight, double asterisk doesn’t appear to work.


It’s the lists that I can’t get to work (as well as combinations - e.g. bold and italic :slight_smile: