I'm having trouble Right Justifing my Text in a Stack

The text in my About page in not Right Justified. I am trying to open the stack and make the change, but nothing seems to work. Please help.



Is the text in a normal Stacks3 text stack? And while in edit mode you clicked the right justify icon?

I’m using Stacks 3 to add text and photos to the Volcano theme. Thank you.

But what stack element are you using? In looking at your code it looks like you have the text in a “Left Floating” stack? If that is the case you are dropping a pic on the left side and you have text on the right side… correct? Then while in edit mode in the text portion you do did a right alignment?

can you take a screen shot of you project window when in edit mode and post?

Here is a screen shot of my about page in edit mode:

So when you click (edit) in your text areas what does the Alignment show? Flush left as they are now? You should be able to click in the text areas and then use the Alignment for Flush left, Centered, or Flush right. (Consider putting some padding around your elements also, at least between the two pics on left.)