Pulse Starter - the essential starter package for Pulse CMS

You’d love to integrate Pulse CMS into your RapidWeaver project but don’t know how to start? Rapid Starter comes to the rescue! With Pulse Starter I’ve created a project file for those who already know how to build nice looking websites with RW but need help to get up and running with Pulse CMS as fast as possible.

Pre-configured to run with the fantastic Tesla theme which comes bundled with RapidWeaver. So there’s no need to invest in a 3rd-party theme or to fiddle with “blank” themes and complicated or expensive 3rd-party stacks.

Use this RapidWeaver project file and the enclosed folder of demo-content as a solid foundation to start with Pulse CMS. So you can focus more on the content and design of your site – and less the underlying technique.

You get project files for RW6 and RW7, a link to a tutorial video and a folder with demo content to start with (even a coupon code for a 20% discount on the Gallery 3 stack by inStacks). So, why not jump right in…?



Great release. This will be a bit hit I am sure when users realise how simple and effective PulseCMS is.


Thanks Gary! I hope it will be useful for those RapidWeaver users who choose Pulse CMS as their content management solution.


Great guide @RapidBase and thanks for taking the time to put this together. It highlights exactly how easy it is to use Pulse and this guide will help any user who’s considering it as their CMS to use in projects. Great work :tada: