I erased computer, can i pull RW resources/info from website(cpanel)

Erased computer. I did keep my widgetwebsite.rw6 file from my RW6.
I’ve updated/installed a fresh rw7 app.
Imported RW6 file into RW7.

Now my picts/backgrounds are not the same/generic.

Can I go into the panel to find these things?
Is there an easy way to do this?
I am not sure what to grab or go about this.

The Cpanel on the Website has the correct info.
But as I said, I’ve now updated to RW7.

Do I need to reinstall RW6 and then somehow import into RW7.
Any help/tips/instructions would be very much appreciated.

Thanks! Kim

Sometimes I’ve experienced missing images and found I have to quit and re-open RW 7 (and/or re-start my Mac) for a RW 6 project migration, and then the resources and/or images start working again.


I’ve pulled down the Resources folder before now then just ‘re-linked’ in RW.


Thanks, I did it. Finished installing other plugins and the images came back.

All but… My header…

DaveFox, how do you do this?
Find the resource folder in the Cpanel… And do what with it?
Or how do I relink to RW??
Thank you!

I think he’s talking about going to the resources in settings in RW. When you click on a resource you can re-link it by browsing and finding the file on your Mac.

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Either in your CPanel (or use an FTP program), find your Resources folder from your website root - download to your Mac.

Open your RW project - Under Resources (left hand column) find the Resource you need to update - right hand window - “Re-Link Resource” - Point it to the resource in the folder you downloaded.


Ah I see what you mean. Good idea!

Thank you DaveFox!
The only resource I had in the Cpanel was my Background image for my site. (which is was not showing in my project)
The rest of the pictures from the site are apparently on my computer?? How could our site have images if they are not uploaded to the Cpanel?

How can I find the folder that RW is linking to on my computer?
I used to have a bunch of pictures listed in my Resources on left resource area. They are not there. But they are in my RW preview of the site.

Lastly, I have plenty of room for picts in my cpanel. Wouldn’t that be the best place to have them for speed?

Thank you so very very much Dave!!!

I think the answer to your problem would be best looked at by using an FTP program - use the same login credentials as you used in the Rapidweaver publishing setup rather than using the CPanel.

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Maybe I am looking in the wrong place?
I have looked in cpanel… Under /public html. This is the only place I see a folder called resources.
Used Forklift app and also went into actual Cpanel… Hmmmm.
Only one resource folder and it only has the background image in it.

Mmm? Is the website currently 'Live" on the Internet? - Use a different Browser to avoid ‘cacheing’, from what you’ve said I don’t think it should be. What are you now trying to achieve?

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Yeah, the site is Live on the Internet. horseshoe-nail-cross.com
I used Firefox and Safari to access Cpanel and looked in /public_html/resources and only see the background image.

I am trying to find out where my images nest. I need to publish my website with this new RW7.
I don’t want any hiccups, and can not understand why my images are not in the website resource’s folder.
Could I somehow have told RW to store them on my computer??
If my RW7 shows my site ok on my computer. Would it be safe to publish it? Or should I erase the RW6 version on the website and republish with a new copy?
Thank you for helping me Dave.
I appreciate it very much!

Yes, I can see the site. Perhaps you used ‘drag and drop’ rather then your Resource folder.

One suggestion - download an App called ‘Sitesucker’ from the App Store (it’s not expensive) give it your website address and it’ll download your whole site including photos (I’ve just done it!).


Thanks Dave, I used this application along time ago… Through several computers, I forgot its name. :slight_smile: I’m grateful to have SiteSucker back!

Dave, I did Drag and Drop my images!!
So what did this do with them?
I’d prefer they be on the site for speedy download…

I’d suggest your read this thread - Free eBook - Warehousing in RapidWeaver

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Thank you very much for your help!!!
Hope you have a great weekend!

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