I Need Help with a Custom Foundation Form

I have a site built in Foundation and my client that wants us to build a form and route the content directly to their CRM (Velocify).

The Foundation form has “First Name”, “Last Name”, “eMail”, “Phone Number” and “Zipcode” as the fields.

Client uses Velocify as their CRM: https://velocify.com and they sent over this to add to our form. I’m not exactly sure where to place the code. I’m happy to pay someone for the help. DM me if you can assist.

// Service available
if(isValidZip !== -1) {
action = ‘https://secure.velocify.com/Import.aspx?Provider=AnswerConnectFHS&Client=XXXXXXXXXXXXXX&CampaignId=19&URL=https://www.777777777.com/en/residential/shop/security-automation/security/with-service-thank-you.jsp’;
} else {
// Service serviceUnavailable
action = ‘https://secure.velocify.com/Import.aspx?Provider=AnswerConnectFHS&Client=XXXXXXXXXXXXXX&CampaignId=19&URL=https://www.777777777.com/en/residential/shop/security-automation/security/no-service-thank-you.jsp’;

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