Plugins not installable when add-ons folder resides in iCloud


I have my add-ons folder located in iCloud documents. I am not able to install Plugins (e.g. Stacks Plugin or RapidCart), Stacks add-ons itself works fine. I am always getting an error message, console output:

28/10/16 14:12:47,084 sandboxd[123]: ([1226]) RapidWeaver 7(1226) deny file-link /Users/jannis/Library/Mobile Documents/com~apple~CloudDocs/Development/RapidWeaver Addons/.Update Checker/CA3BF3C1-4912-4A03-8820-A042660E0BC4/RapidCartPro-4.8.8-(1350)/RapidCartPro.rapidweaverplugin/Contents/_CodeSignature/CodeResources

@isaiah @rob FYI

I’ve noticed this “.Update Checker” folder is now in the addons area. I’m afraid I’m totally ignorant of its purposes. I don’t know who is creating it or using it. Well, OK, … I know that it’s definitely not me. :slight_smile:

I had a poke around in it just now and it seems to have some of my plugin updates in there – so that would imply that this is part of the RapidWeaver plugin updater.

As for bug reporting (where the goal is to highlight bugs, make them repeatable – i.e. make the worse) I’d say zip up your addons folder and send to RMS with that error message. Maybe if they use it as-is the bug would repeat for them.

As for solving the problem (where the goal is just to eliminate the bug) I’d say start a fresh Addons folder from scratch. Don’t let RW copy of any addons. Add them yourself. Then launch RW, tell it about the new folder, restart. I suspect all will be well.

also: iCloud? wow. you are braver than I am.