Rapidweaver temporarily on 2nd computer


I am going away for a couple of weeks and hope not to work whilst away.

I will leave my main computer at home and just take my little macbook12".

I want to have all my clients sites RW files just incase someone has a real problem.

I have downloaded Rw8 onto the little mac. What is the best way to add all my addons and all my published sites file.

I dont need this to be a perminant arrangement … just for when I travel.

I have dropbox and icloud , not sure if one is preferable over the other


You can put them on Dropbox or iCloud. Under preferences there’s an option to select where you store your addons folder.

I think either will work. Probably more folks are using Dropbox, just because it’s been around longer. With either one just make sure the sync has time to complete. If you’re switching back and forth.

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