iFrame not working

(Elliot Grossman) #1

Using iFrame with Google calendar, I can see the calendar in Edit mode. However, in Preview mode the page stays blank.

(Claude Fitzback) #2


To have a beautiful result with Google calendar you could use Date Snap from Yabdab (http://yabdab.com/demo/datesnap) very easy to setup, here and exemple I were I use it…https://osteocontinuingeducation.com

Hope it help!

(Dave Farrants) #3

Try this in an html textbox - works for me on a site (http://glebechapel.org/diary/) and is responsive. Can’t paste the code for some reason so png used. -

(Graham Jackson) #4

Presumably Dave there’s some css for responsiveCal ?

(Dave Farrants) #5

@grajay, Apologies, I see what you mean - It’s early and and I’ve not had my 6th coffee yet! - yes CSS in screenshot! - I originally used Google embed code with this page / site and then realised it wasn’t responsive so I searched the web and found a possible solution which worked. See screenshot from project.

(Graham Jackson) #6

LOL - sorry Dave - didn’t mean to be picky, especially first thing! :grin: