iFrame switches to embedded page in preview

(Kevin Atkins) #1

Is anyone having this issue? Something odd is happening when I preview a page with an iFrame in it: the preview switches immediately to the embedded page that sits IN the iFrame. I can see the page in edit mode, but as soon as I preview, it switches to the embedded page.

I don’t just mean the view; the page selected changes too, as if being redirected:

![12|690x153](upload://aAxK0ggWEHRedOIVU4Jrb4xppoL.png) ![19|690x133](upload://tGfQRzYQFn3CMbkthyFgVrGbvso.png) 

This means I have to publish to test, which whilst no big deal, is huge waste of time (and a little bandwidth).

The iFrame is in an HTML stack with this code;

<iframe src="author-details/intro.html" class="iframe authorFrame" scrolling="no" frameborder="0" name="authorFrame"></iframe>

The embedded page is a simple HTML RW page.

I’m using the very latest RW8, stacks, and Mutltheme’s Lode theme.

Any ideas what’s going on?