Justifying text

I have a 3 column stack and each column has Paragraph stack into which I have entered text.
I have selected ‘Justify’ in the Inspector but, the text remains as aligned to the left.
How can I correct this please?

Not sure what is happening on your end, but it works great for me.

You can see the site here

Those are the settings that I have used so, I don’t understand why my end doesn’t work.
Could it be somthing to do with the way I have set up my stacks? Maybe I have got that all wrong!

I have sorted this problem now.
I discovered that, if I deleted the title (at the top centre of the main description) and then included it as part of the whole block of text, the justification then worked perfectly.

It would be great if I were able to change the colour of that title though (indicated with the red arrows)

Use a Header Stack for the title. This is the best way to build it. Header and paragraph stacks.

That is exactly what I did previously and it was the Header Stack that prevented the ‘Justification’ to work correctly!