I'm looking for a gallery that works like this one!

(Rolando) #1

Hi , I’ve been desperately looking for a gallery that resembles the kind of “masonry” style that this Wix template has:

I have portrait and landscape photos that I would want to put on the same gallery without altering the proportions in the thumbnails yet have them look big (max. 3 per row). I tried Nickcatesdesign Iris galleries but I can’t seem to make it work…

(Christopher Watson) #2

Check out http://instacks.com/gallerystack/

Might do what you want.

(Brad Halstead) #3


I think Montage 2 or Masonry would be more to your liking…


(Brad Halstead) #4

OR, this might be an interesting approach… ImagePack


(Brad Halstead) #5

OR, Filter and build your own using search filters

Those are the ones that represent the masonry effect you were looking for in that WIX Theme.

I personally use this one on our club site for sale items


(Jannis from inStacks Software) #6

Already incorporated Masonry in an upgrade coming soon :slight_smile:

(Rob Beattie) #7

Bricks 2 in conjunction with Yuzool’s Box stack will also do this. Go to https://elixirgraphics.com/previews/bricks-2/page2/ and then scroll down to the bottom example.


(Rolando) #8

Hi, is there a way I can be notified when this update comes out?

Thank you

(Rolando) #9

Montage 2 seems like it does exactly what I need, I will check it out. Thank you so much!

(Rolando) #10

Yes! This too! After trying with Montage 2 I will see what I can do with this if all else fails! :smiley: