‼️ IMPORTANT: RapidWeaver 7.1 (18187b) Release

Hello all you loverly developers!

I have some good news, after months of work we’re almost ready to launch RapidWeaver 7.1 - This latest build has got so many fixes and enhancements it’s crazy. This is going to be an awesome update for users (I hope).

IMPORTANT: Please, please test your themes, plugins, and stacks ASAP. We’ll be putting out a beta of this in the next few days on the forum.

You’ll want to pay special attention, to loading, saving,exporting, and publishing. Just because something looks okay in Preview does’t mean it will look okay when published (this is due to the way preview and export differs). So test test test, and then test again.

If you find any issues please email me, dan@realmacsoftware.com, please include a sample project file and/or the exact steps to re-create the issue. As long as we have the details we can get it fixed fast (usually).

What’s new in 7.1

  • Opening large projects is now much quicker
  • Exporting projects with plugins that generate multiples pages is now much faster
  • Added a sheet to show what RapidWeaver is doing during export
  • Added back in support for re-publishing all files for a single page
  • SiteLok plugin no longers breaks Preview mode
  • Colour arithmetic in themes now works again
  • Fixed an issue where the Filename extension was ignored when exporting (again)
  • Fixed an issue where an updated resource would not get re-published
  • Resizing Gifs now works (animation is not supported in resized gifs, yet)
  • Cleaned up plugin loading code, it’s good to be clean!
  • Fixed an issue under Sierra when using the Web Inspector
  • Updated Voyager theme (Thanks Adam!)
  • FTP setting name changed from “Fast as Hell” to “Fast as Lightning”
  • We’ve fixed up a bunch of issues and crashers with export introduced in the previous beta (sorry!)
  • Fixed an issue where Photo Album pages would not be generated correctly
  • Migration to global data storage now only happens once per page
  • Media queries that span multiple lines will now be minified correctly
  • Fixed an issue where RapidWeaver would crash when you removed a global meta tags
  • Cache busting links option is now saved between launches
  • Fixed an issue where plugins would sometimes fail to load
  • Export should no longer sometimes hang (Refactored manifest generation to prevent conflicts)
  • Minify can now handle non-ascii characters correctly
  • Many other minor fixes, and under the hood enhancements.

You can download the new build of 7.1 here (18187b):

Happy Weaving and please report any issues you run into.

Dan & Team Realmac

Can I ask, is there anything specific we should be looking for as far as themes are concerned?


  • FTP setting name changed from “Fast as Hell” to “Fast as Lightning”

Oh man, I preferred the hell :smiling_imp:

The export/publishing is way faster in this version vs the previous dev beta … I mean way faster. Maybe it has something to do with the way it handles the actual project, I am not sure but the results is a much much faster export & publish.
Great job!

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Agreed. Export is blazingly fast. Preview’s Export seems about the same as it was prior to v7.1, but publishing is so fast.

@dan: Sent you an email with a project file that loads just as slow as it did in previous versions of RW. Might have something to do with the project’s extensive use of Partials in Stacks.

We actually received a handful of complaints about the verbiage :open_mouth:

Yes, I have seem some poll on weavers.space about this. Crazy guys.

Holy Guacamole!

People need to lighten up sometimes… Have some FUN, right?!

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In v7.1’s Edit Mode view the app seems to be jumping a little bit the first time you visit a page, like it has the Edit Mode position saved at that point or something: http://d.pr/v/12lGJ

This was something I saw with a freshly migrated project file.

No publishing errors so far :slight_smile:
Tried to add a page and got a ‘Demo Mode’ popup, will not allow me to add another page. Tried clicking the ‘Register’ button but nothing happens [also from menu, ‘Register’ does nothing]. Went back to 18121b and worked fine could add a page.

Looking at the video, I suspect you’ll want to ask @isaiah about that. That part of RapidWeaver is left totally in the control of plugin developers. It might be something that happens because the page is being loaded the first time it is accessed, rather than when the project is opened.

@Elixir - that’s an interesting one. it looks like the offset is exactly the distance of the top stacks toolbar – it looks like the NSScrollView contentsInset isn’t getting set correctly. perhaps an auto-layout constraint at a higher level has been changed in this new beta build?

i’ve filed it here: https://github.com/yourhead/s3/issues/623

I should note that the current version of Stacks is not very compatible with this version of RapidWeaver. There are many issues – only some of which have been documented. Basically my whole automated test suite is a fireball of burning wreckage. :wink:


Here’s what I’ve noticed in the past day or so…

  1. Stacks crashes a lot in a variety of interesting ways.
    Mostly when publishing. Sometimes preview too.

  2. Stacks cannot publish anything with global content (older Foundation projects).
    Hopefully not too many people are affected by this anymore.

  3. Stacks cannot publish anything with partials.
    OK, not actually true. If you use a partial only once I think you’re safe. But that sort of is the main reason to use partials. :wink:

  4. Some page-scoped and site-scoped content cannot be published.
    The could actually be related to one of the things above.

The errors are unfortunately insidious. Some publishes will seem to work, some will not. Stacks usually won’t report any errors. The content will just be garbled on the published page.

I’m working on a couple things that can be done in the short term to work around some of the new challenges. Hold tight for more info.