🐞 Important: RapidWeaver 7 Private Beta & Launch Timeframe

Hey Guys,

I’ve just sent out the first private beta of RW 7 to 61 users! This is a bit of a milestone for us and means we’re well on our way to shipping 7 :smile:

We’re aiming to launch RW 7 at the end of the month. Yep, end of March!

If you have any users that you think should be in on the beta please email me their details and I’ll include them in the next round - dan@realmacsoftware.com

Happy Weaving and all that!



I cannot wait! This so far is one of my favorite releases of RW… well… ever!

Would love to know the impression the beta testers have of it!

Me too!

We’ve only had a handful of emails back so far. Mostly seem very positive, so that’s a good sign :smiley:

We really want to nail this release so people don’t hesitate to upgrade when it ships. We want everything to “just work”.

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