Someone update RapidAlbum for RW7

I used RapidAlbum in RW5 and I’m looking for the good features that were in that plugin.
For example, you could link to a local folder (NOT online) and “put” pictures in the gallery in that way, and I could see each picture as preview when adding text as caption - see attached layout

NO other plugin has that feature and as Scott Mackie has closed for all development / support, I will hear if not any other developer could think of doing this feature in one of their gallery plugins.
If it wasn’t for all other good things about RW7 - I would prefer to stay on RW5 - just for the reason of RapidWeaver

This was widely discussed back when the change over from RW 5 to RW 6 happened. I am sure there is something here you can look at that this search for RapidAlbum of the forums and see if you can find something to suit your needs.

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I’ve read all posts, but they are only about a replacement of RapidAlbum.
Rapid Weaver had features I don’t find in other plugins/stacks, espacially they previuos mentioned “linking to local map” which really is THE BEST and furthermore individual layout setup.
Isn’t it possible to take RapidAlbum and upgrade it to RW7 - of course with Scott’s permission?
I do not have the knowledge to change or build one, that’s why I posted this.

It is possible, but someone with the knowledge of how to upgrade a plugin would need to want to do it, and since this was an issue with RW 6 as well, my guess is no one has wanted to do it.

Thanks for now - wishing you a Merry Christmas

Let me know what you are missing here:

Cheers Jannis

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