Installed mojave lost RapidWeaver 7-4 websites

(David Harvey) #1

Please help

Seem to have lost RapidWeaver (7-4) sites - rw files disappeared

Files all reorganised themselves but rw files not there

(James Bond) #2

Hang on, I’ll see if I can find them, nope sorry, can’t.

OK, serious reply now, you really need to give a little more info than “my files have all gone”. What do you mean by gone? Are they no longer present in the Rapidweaver recently opened list? Have you checked the folder they are stored in? Are they still in there?

(Paul Dennison) #3

Use Spotlight to find them, Search for *.rw. The asterisk is a wildcard so it’ll find all regardless of their name, the .rw is the RW7 file extension.

(David Harvey) #4

With Mojave, the RapidWeaver 7-4 files with rw. extension have gone!

Each file for the website has been been re-organised (contents, pages, resources, shared plug-in data) but the .rw file is missing for them all

Have just downloaded RapidWeaver 8 - when you go through Rapid 8 - Open - Click the website folder (not even the .rw fil) and the website opens as a rw8

When save as … they still don’t save a .rw file but as a folder

(James Bond) #5

Most of that makes no sense. When upgrading the OS it doesn’t just delete selected user files. They will be where you put them in your file structure. The only way they will have been deleted is if you deleted them. Again, upgrading the OS will not delete user files.

Have you done as suggested as performed a Spotlight search?

Do you know the folder where the projects were stored?

(David Harvey) #6

I understand it doesn’t make sense !

The file structure for each website folder has completely changed … all have changed in the same way.
Re-organised into contents, pages, resources, shared plug-in data folders

Spotlight search does not bring up the .rw websites - they have gone for over 20 sites.

I can’t possibly have deleted that many files by accident.

They only thing I did was upgrade OS

Even now as I ‘save as’ in RapidWeaver 8 there is no .rw file generated

(James Bond) #7

Goodness me, please try to read the posts from people trying to help and answer the questions. Not just repeating the same thing over and over again. Otherwise I fear few will attempt to help.

Forget about the file structure of the actual websites (I assume you are talking about the folders and files for exported projects?). We are talking about the location of the Rapidweaver projects on your physical hard drive in your computer.

So, for the third time, have you searched in Spotlight, as described above, for the .rw files?

(James Bond) #8

Apologies, now it’s me who isn’t reading the posts!

Please repeat the Spotlight search and post a screenshot of the results.

(Doug Bennett) #9

Does the folder that replaced the rapidweaver project file look something like this?

Does the folder name end with .RW for RW7 or .RW8 for RW8?

Since you said you are able to open the “folder” that was the RW7 project with RW8, I would think it still needed to be named ????.RW. By chance do or did you have Perian an Open source QuickTime component installed?
If so might check out this post:

(David Harvey) #10

This is exactly what has happened to all my folders … with the RW icon.

Did not have Perian component installed to my knowledge - it happened to all my folders 20+

Will check out your answer - many thanks

(David Harvey) #11

No Perian.prefpane

(Doug Bennett) #12

An RW project is to put it simply a special Mac folder (package) that the OS treats differently and associates the folders extension to an application. Something in the updated OS has changed that. Seems some utilities can cause that. The good news is that the “folders” should still contain all your project data.
Perhaps @aaron can help out here?

(Jan Fuellemann) #13

What happens if you select the folder and add a “.rw” to the folders name?

(David Harvey) #14

When I ‘save as’ in RapidWeaver 8 it creates a folder .rw - does not save as a file

The folder does not contain a .rw file?!

(Paul Dennison) #15

Found someone with a similar issue with QuarkEzpress a few years ago where the same issue happened, previous files became folders.

Rerunning the install sorted the issue out, maybe try a similar thing with RW?

(Paul Dennison) #16

Try the following:

  • Find one of your RW folder/files.
  • Cmd and “I” or Right click, select “Get Info”
  • Look at the “Open With” section
  • see if RW is the app to open it
  • If not select RW, and ensure you tick “Always open with”

See if that works, as I’m beginning to suspect the file association between RW and .rw files has been broken in your upgrade

(Dave Farrants) #17

My ‘go to’ solution for finding ‘lost’ stuff is Easyfind it’s free and has often got me out of problems - not saying it will work but worth a try - search for .rw or .rw8

(David Harvey) #18

Thanks for all the comments and suggestions

I can open the .rw folder through Rapidweaver 8 - there is no specific .rw file as such, thus I can’t click and open a .rw file and launch Rapidweaver. I find it worrying that it does not save as a .rw file - or is this ok?

I don’t understand why there is not .rw file when you ‘save as’ in Reapidweaver

(David Harvey) #19

Easyfind looks like a very useful tool - thanks for the heads-up.

(Paul Russam) #20

THE folder with the .rw extension IS the project.

Sandwich ‘files’ are folders that you see as a single entity but are really folders, try right clicking on any app and select ‘Show Package Contents’ to see what I mean.
For some reason during the install of 10.14 the association between folders ending in .rw and RapidWeaver has been broken. It’s happened before, it’ll happen again, it’s just one of those random things that can occur with a complex system.

Before you go poking in those .rw folders and permanently damaging them you need to reinstall RW to restablish the relationship between RW and .rw folders.
You don’t need to uninstall your existing copy, just download RW from RM’s site and drop the app in your Applications folder, MacOS will recognise that it’s a new app.
Open RW, start and save a new proj … this should establish things.