Installing downloaded stacks

This is probably a stupid question, but I have tried every option I can think of and I’m getting nowhere.

I’ve bought the Bridge theme from Hipster Weaver and for it to work as intended I need to have HeaderPro and SectionsPro installed. But as far as I can see they aren’t installing. If I drag and drop onto the RW6 icon, the project opens up but nothing has changed, and I get no “installation successful” message either. It works for all my other stacks… Can anyone explain where I’m going wrong?

Have you restarted RapidWeaver?

When you mention dropping onto the RW6 icon, do you mean the project or the HeaderPro and SectionsPro stacks? - I say this because installing the stacks will not open that particular project file.

The stacks are not included inside the project file, you do need to download them separately like any other stacks and then install - just checking. Direct links to them are on the Bridge project homepage

Yes, I’ve restarted several times!

I mean the stacks themselves, which I have downloaded from your excellent site, Andrew. And I’ve done it several times, just in case it got corrupted somehow.

They would be visible in the stacks library, wouldn’t they?

Yes, they will be visible as normal. Click on the “all stacks” icon, the top one in the library list and enter Sections or Header in the search field - they should appear in the list. There is nothing different about the stacks, they install just like any other stack - which incidentally is not controlled by the stack itself any way.

Yeah, I’ve done that several times too!

Okay, I’ll restart the computer. (“Have you switched it off and on again…?”)

If this does not work, try this:

  1. Open RapidWeaver 6
  2. Hold down command-option and push the 7 key. This opens your Addons folder for RapidWeaver 6.
  3. Find the stacks folder. Open it.
  4. Look for the Header Pro and Sections Pro stacks. If you do not find them, drag and drop them in this stacks folder.
  5. Restart RapidWeaver.

Something I would suggest doing is to take your addons folder and make a shortcut somewhere so you can easily access it. I keep mine in my sidebar of the finder window.

Thanks so much Robert: I was wondering how to find that folder. I’ve done as you suggest and I can see both of them in the list now, but they’re still not showing up in the working library.

When I do a search for the names, I get two unnamed icons with the edges folded. The Lockdown icon also has the edge folded. I’m not sure what it means but I wonder if this the problem.

That is the Addons manager, do not worry about that. Open a stacks page and find the stacks library. Do a search there.

Yup. Nothing there…<img <img=“” src=“upload://7vzWApXQ1KcSNZooc7AhIyGZ37x.png” width=“690” height=“361”>

Have you tried the steps 2,3,4 and 5 that @zeebe mentioned?

It is strange that even in your add ons manager window there are no other stacks shown either.

Are you sure that you don’t have multiple copies of RW6 on your machine and the stacks are going into a different copy?

That occurred to me and I’m investigating andrew, yes. I did have problems installing RW6 so that is perfectly possible.

The reason there are no other stacks is because I’ve searched for “header”

My advice would be to find all instances of RapidWeaver on your computer, 5 or 6. Delete them (this does not delete the serial numbers you have entered at all). Then go here:

and download the latest version of 6 and if you want to have 5, that also. Reinstall RapidWeaver and see if that works.

There is something going on that has nothing to do with those stacks, as I just downloaded them and installed them without issue (after uninstalling them first :wink: )

Whhooo okay!

Thanks for your help everyone. I’ll try that now. See you on the other side…

Grrrr. Nope. That didn’t work either. I resume the headscratching in the morning.


The problem was that when I downloaded it, I opted to download it as a dot stack rather than a zip file. The stack extension makes it appear as a stack on the desktop. I needed to download it as a zipped file and unpack it, and that resulted in a valid stack which I could add. Phew!

(I’m posting this in the expectation that others might come across the same problem so that they can quietly solve the problem. I do realise it makes me look like a complete dimwit…)

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