Introducing ProGallery v3

ProGallery v3 features a revised user interface, more content sources, improved thumbnail layouts and 10 different lightbox configurations. Many feature requests have been added, in a hope to “bridge the gap” caused by other notable gallery stacks being discontinued in recent months.

Key features at a glance…

  • Improved documentation. Added a couple of topics that were frequently asked about and deleted other parts that weren’t needed any more.
  • Native lazy loading of thumbnail images, for newer web browsers that support it.
  • Added the option of a simple ‘live search’ box, displayed above the thumbnail grid. Good for letting users quickly filter a large collection of thumbnails.
  • DeviantArt has been added as a new image source. A popular image sharing platform with photographers, animators and digital artists.
  • Google Sheets has been added as a new image source. This allows you (or a client) to maintain your database of gallery images or video in spreadsheet format, from Google Docs.
  • If no lightbox is enabled, you can now set the thumbnail links to open within a new tab or browser window.
  • Six thumbnail grid tooltip styles to choose from, in addition to the browser default title tooltip style. Available in the ‘No Lightbox’ configuration.
  • Eight new lightbox plugins have been added. Each one truly unique in its presentation and functionality.
  • More style options for thumbnail items, thumbnail images, titles and captions.
  • Additional thumbnail layouts. Take your pick from beautifully modern and responsive grids, columns, flexbox tables and lists. Including a level 3 CSS masonry grid layout. All layouts promote excellent SEO and accessibility standards.
  • The new ‘custom’ thumbnail layout has been added so that yourself or another developer can use custom CSS code to create totally bespoke thumbnail grid layouts, using the existing ProGallery HTML. This gives ProGallery almost limitless capabilities.
  • New CloudFront data source. This is similar to the existing CSV source, but requires less setup configuration (e.g. enter the link to the storage location only once). Works for CloudFront, S3 and similar file warehouses.
  • New YouTube playlist data source. Using the official YouTube Data v3 API, this allows you to pull-in any public YouTube video playlist. Video thumbnails are used in the thumbnail grid, and clicking a video thumbnail reveals the embedded video within a compatible lightbox.
  • Lots of minor ‘under the hood’ tweaks and optimisations. Publishing is faster. ProGallery only uploads the essential code and other assets as-required by particular thumbnail layouts and lightboxes.

Not forgetting the most important feature of all - the best possible support. Email if you need help deciding if ProGallery is the right choice for you or you want help setting up your first gallery using ProGallery. Plus this update is FREE for existing v2 customers, available via your Paddle account.

Who is ProGallery intended for? Any discerning RapidWeaver user (of almost any skill level) who wants to create an accessible and professionally presented gallery of photographs or video. ProGallery provides a logical process for creating immersive galleries to be proud of. The vast choice of settings lend themselves towards maximum creative freedom.

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