Introducing the new Droplet stack

(Will Woodgate) #1

Droplet is a free, simple and safe file uploader you can place on your website. It’s perfect as part of a CMS workflow; so that clients can upload their own files to stacks like Embed, RefinedSlider, ProGallery or Playlister. Or you can use it to collect images or other documents from students, work colleagues or customers. The emphasis of Droplet is on simplicity, and therefore this stack has far fewer options and functions; compared with other contact form and file uploader addons available for RapidWeaver.

The primary purpose of Droplet is to make a directory (folder) on your web server behave like a public ‘dropbox’. Without requiring any specialist software, website users can use their web browser to drag and drop (or select) files in Droplet. Some clever code within Droplet will scan and upload these files to the designated directory. From here you can automatically reuse the files in your website (like within an image gallery). Alternatively you can download the files using your preferred FTP software or website file manager.

Droplet is built on the popular Dropzone.js plugin. We coded a smart PHP backend which will process file uploads efficiently. The PHP backend will also make the file names web safe (swapping spaces and tabs for hyphens) and provides the option to time stamp the file uploads (to prevent conflicts with files named the same). End users cannot view the contents of the uploads directory, nor can they delete files - it’s purely a one-way dropbox system.

See the Droplet product page for more details and a working example. If you find this stack useful or require support, please make a contribution.

Stack for Downloading Files
(Gary) #2

Another amazing stack from S4S. Stacks like this are filling in the missing pieces of the big puzzle. I like the way it has been implemented with additional security features.

(Mathew Mitchell) #3

Wow, another winner! And another contribution from me. :slight_smile: Very simple and incredibly useful.

(Waleed Barakat) #4

Wow, Looks great indeed, Thanks for the share!

(Markus Frieauff ) #5

Great stack - however, it seems to have issues with Foundation. When I use it in a Foundation site, it won’t work. When I apply a different theme, it does.

(scott williams) #6

I’m using it with foundation without problem. What exactly is happening?

(Robert Ziebol 🖖🏼) #7

Hey @swilliam , would love to see your site, I just published a page here testing for Joe, and it does not work for me.
Joe said it is an issue Will has to fix on his end.

What happens is when you drag and drop an image on the site, it just shows the image, not the site.

(Robert Ziebol 🖖🏼) #8

@therealmf our suggestion is to email Will to be sure he sees this.

(scott williams) #9

I will pm you
and the rest of the 20

(Markus Frieauff ) #10

The whole window becomes unresponsive. It displays fine, but doesn’t do anything.

(scott williams) #11

I’m still on RW 6.3.7 maybe thats the difference?

(Will Woodgate) #12

@therealmf It’s working perfectly for myself and others. Kindly purchase a support ticket here and email me the details of your setup via the S4S website. The RapidWeaver announcements forum is certainly not the best place to be discussing a support matter like this.

(Robt Hydrisko) #13

I was wondering if there is a simple way to direct the directory path of the Droplet stack to an email address. The uploads are just for resumes.

(Will Woodgate) #14

File uploads and email messaging are two entirely separate things, so the short answer is that there is no simple way to do this. If FormsPlus does not come close to what you want, then this is something you’d have to get custom developed, so it will securely process and post the information you require to a suitable email account.

(Brandon Scott Corlett) #15

@willwood, first off, great work! Another awesome addition any weaver’s toolbox.

Secondly, would it be possible to post to an RSS feed when an upload occurs?

If so then @Bob1 could use a feed reader instead of email or he could use IFTTT to send him an email each time an upload occurs.

(Tom) #16

Obviously it won’t work anymore on RW 7.4.1. It disrupts the page. It’s neither visible in the preview nor on the real page on the web. Strange: the same problem with FileMan.

And suddently it works again… strange.

(Will Woodgate) #17

There are no known issues with the stack and I cannot replicate anything in RW 7.4.1. The example on my website works fine. Both Droplet and FileMan are PHP based, if that helps you isolate the problem.

(Tom) #18

THX Will. I have no idea why it works suddently again. It’s kind of magic… magiiiiiic - would Freddy say.