Is it possible to have two copies of Rapidweaver on the same machine?

I built a website for a client a few years back with a complicated order form using version 3 of from loom. Installing version 4 breaks the order form because of an incompatibility with the theme I used. The client likes the site as it is. I wouldn’t need to keep uninstalling and reinstalling form loom if it’s possible to use two separate copies of Rapidweaver. If yes, can someone tell me how?

You can have RW7 and RW8 on the same machine without any problems. Since the website in question was built “a few years back” it was probably built with RW7 anyway. Just keep the addons folder pointed to different places for RW7 and RW8.

I don’t know of a way to run two of the same versions on the same machine.

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There are a couple solutions I can think of:

  1. Keep a separate user account on the machine for maintaining the older version. Although the applications are used by all user accounts on the machine – RW add ons are specific to each user.

  2. I keep several different “sets” of addons. When I want a specific set I use the RW preferences to set my addons folder to a specific location – then point at that “set”. That way I don’t have to worry about installing/uninstalling each thing in the set – I just point RW at the set I need for a specific task.

If you’re feeling tricky/nerdy you can use Terminal commands to automate #2. (I do this to set up some automated Stacks tests).

The user-default (a.k.a. Preferences) to set the addons folder preferences is not difficult to find. A simple one liner does the trick:

defaults write <default-name> <path-to-addons-folder-set>

I’m purposefully leaving out the name of the user-default. Using the terminal to do this sort of stuff is potentially dangerous if you don’t really know what you’re doing. Leaving out this detail should keep most novices away.

If you do feel comfortable in the terminal you should be able to grep for the key and find the man pages for the defaults command. But please feel free to send a private message if you want a few more hints on doing this. :smiley:


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Thanks, Isaiah. I solved my problem by reinstalling Rapidweaver 7.

Thanks Doug. That’s exactly how I solved it.


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