Is it possible to set tabs in a text stack?

(Paul Stokes) #1

I’m trying publish a programme which consists of list dates and event descriptions separated on each line by a tab. Is this possible in the Text stack?

(Rob Beattie) #2

Might be if you put it inside a two column stack. Otherwise I’d use a table stack like Will’s excellent Table Builder.

Or maybe Marathia’s Price List stack might work.


(Paul Stokes) #3

Thanks Rob,
Table Builder is not suitable because the first column (for the date) needs to much narrower than the second and there’s no provision for unequal column widths. The Price list stack has no demo but might be worth a €5 gamble to see if it will do the job. I’ll think about it.

(Rob Beattie) #4

Pretty sure there’s an option in Table Builder that allows column width to be defined by content. See here -

(Paul Stokes) #5

Thanks Rob,
I’ll take another look.

(Will Woodgate) #6

@Paulss With Table Builder, you can give the columns an ‘auto’ width. So the web browser will intelligently resize the table columns to the best fit; based on the content contained and the available space for the table to sit within.

If you did want to force one column (e.g. the first) to have a certain width in pixels, then this is remarkbly easy to do with custom CSS:

.tableBuilderCell1 {
     min-width: 100px !important;


.tableBuilderCell1 {
     width: 100px !important;

Use either of the above CSS code snippets, depending on whether your table cells already have a fixed width or auto width. Change the ‘100px’ to the preferred width. If required, change the cell number, to target a different column (they are numbered 1 to 12, from left to right). Up-to 12 columns are supported in this table stack.

If there is insufficient width for all table rows to display, then the table will scroll horizontally. This is particularly true on mobile and tablet. It ensures users can still pan-about on the table with finger gestures or their mouse.

(Paul Stokes) #7

Thanks all.
Iwill be buying table builder. It appears to do everything I need.

(Rob Beattie) #8

It’s a really good stack and is my go-to for all my tables.