RapidWeaver 8.1.7 Public Beta

This is a rather special update as we’ve been working hard on improving the reliability of publishing, again…

What’s New RapidWeaver 8.1.7 ?

  • Updated RMFTP & RW to use OpenSSL instead of Apple Transport!

Download RapidWeaver 8.1.7

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In all the years I’ve used RW and it’s a lot. I’ve never had an issue with publishing from RW . In fact I don’t think it’s ever caused a problem . It’s always made publishing simple . Not blowing smoke here but credit where credit is due .


Same here, I’ve never had a problem. However, some servers can be more tricky to work with than others. We’re just trying to make sure it works reliably for as many users as possible :smile:



Will 8.1.7 work with OS X 10.11.6 (El Capitan)?

Don’t get me wrong, but when the former 8.x versions didn’t work on 10.11, why should this one?


The working experience is chalk and cheese. 10.11 was challenging but on Mojave it’s excellent. Different beast entirely.

I’d just like to hear something official from RealMac.

In good faith I bought RW8 based on RM statements that RW8 would work on 10.11, and 8.0.3 seems to work okay, sort of. I’ve been waiting to see if they’ve fixed 10.11 issues before moving past 8.0.3.

If RW8 is no longer supported on 10.11, I’d like for them to make a formal, official statement to that effect.

They have:


I didn’t see that. Thanks for pointing me to it.

Significant from that thread is this post:

However, that is quite different than the Realmac blogpost that said:
“I’m pleased to say we’ve managed to ensure RapidWeaver 8 will run great on everything from macOS 10.11 through to macOS 10.14!”

That is quite a switch from “will run great” to “runs on 10.11, but this is unsupported”.

I think originally they were going to support 10.11 but it is 3+ years of major macOS changes(even the name of the OSs changed from OS-X tho macOS). I think you will run into issues if not now down the road. Developers of applications can only go back so far and still be able to take advantage of new technology offered by the newer OS’s.

If you can’t upgrade to one of the newer releases of macOS because of hardware compatibility, then it may be best not to try and keep upgrading the applications.

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Feedback: I use 1&1 for hosting. With 8.1.6 and SFTP I could upload with 6 connections instantly. With 8.1.7 it will wait 5 seconds before the upload starts and I can only use one connection. The upload process is stable.

I don’t see that. I have 1&1, and I am able to use 6 connections with 8.1.7.

Hi, yes, after a few more seconds all slots are used. So it still takes a few seconds to start the upload, then a few more for the use of all upload connections.

That’s the same as in previous versions.

Not really - before it was instantly. Now I really see a delay before the upload can start at all. Not serious, but very noticeable.

Really glad to see more updates to RW 8… this “upgrade” had been VERY problematic… sometimes I have to restart the app to get a plugin to work… RW8 has many wonderful features but it’s really buggy… hang in there! Software development is not easy (worked at two software companies years ago as the tech writer)

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I am able to use no connections. I waited for the first 3 weeks just reading all the posts and relearning as much as I could. Making sure all my equipment is updated and current.
Even having the host wipe my old account over to a new server.
Maybe I should have had the host redirect me to https before I started publishing, and maybe I should have asked them to change the php to 7.2 so I could buy the gallery stack. But after a number of days trying to “fix” problems, I am probably digging deeper. Even the FPT app gives me a 522 disk full error.

I am in a unique position of having wiped the server and ready to start will all new sites, so really I don’t have 1000’s of hours or links to deal with. But that said I don’t think my posts on the forum are going to impress anyone if I can’t my sites published.

10.4.3, rw 8.1.7, stacks 3.6.6, foundation 1 8 6, GoCMS 2.01

@Fuellemann I’m not seeing any difference in delays between 8.1.6 & 8.1.7 when publishing to 1&1. The publishing system works by making a single connection to validate credentials etc, then spinning up the other connections. Can you try comparing the two and see if there’s a difference?

@martys Sounds like you’re having a really bad experience with RW’s publishing! I’d love to get this fixed for you but I’ll need a few things to make it happen. Could you send your project file along with your FTP login details to [support@realmacsoftware.com](mailto:support@realmacsoftware.com) with a subject of “FAO: Tom #3050”.

Project files can be quite large so using DropBox or WeTransfer might be necessary.

When you try uploading wth an FTP app are you really getting a 522 Disk Full error? If so, you really need to point that out to your hosting company. Maybe when they reset things they did not set your disk quota correctly. If the server is responding to file uploads with a disk full error, not app, including RW, will be able to upload.

Edit: It looks like people are suggesting the same thing in your other thread.

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