Is the theme CodeX still avaliable

(Timothy) #1

I would like to buy Rapid Weaver 7(??)
however i love some of their themes and some of them are for Rapid5 or 6
are they still working now if i buy the Rapid Weaver?

(Rob Beattie) #2

Best bet is to email the developer, Michael David Design. I can’t seem to find them on here so am unable to tag them.

Unless someone has that theme and RW7 and can quickly test it?


(mark hunter) #3

I use Codex with RW7, work fine.
You’ll need the Stack plugin to use the Extra Content areas, which are the 6 areas that you can either have a solid colour background, or an image.

(Rob D) #4

As Mark mentioned, Codex works for him. However, I have a general suggestion for you, if I may.

When deciding on which theme to buy, do not let the visuals alone influence your decision. Rather, learn about the functionality (the quantity and kind of options) of a theme. If possible, download a demo and check it out before you buy. And last, but not least, make sure that when you buy a theme, its developer is known for the solid after-sale support. This is more important than the looks of a theme.

(Matthew Long) #5

I use the Codex theme on our website (approx. 650 pages in size) and find the theme to be robust and excellent (the site is

I have also found the theme developers (Michael David Design) to be very helpful when I have had a support question, and quick to respond.

(system) #6

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